Superslot- The Dawn Of New-age Gambling

Superslot- The Dawn Of New-age Gambling


The first years of the slot machine’s life served to get players treats on the house. With not much at stake, the game could only persuade owners to give so much. It wasn’t the same gold rush as it is today.

The thing that changed it so much was the automatic pay-out mechanism. With this, the machine became a fortune dispenser of its own. As people caught on to the thrill of it, the machine kept modifying. The introduction of pay lines and bonuses was just the beginning. After that, the internet heaved it into the super age of a superslot.

Heroes of online slot games

Looking through the success of online slot machines, below are the four key factors and predecessors responsible for it.

  • Free spins– Much like an integrated bonus system, free spins depend on a consecutive appearance of a pattern. It is activated based on the likeness of a previous and current spin. Since a pattern can’t reappear in a chain, free spins are safe from running into a streak.
  • Jackpot– Considering the advancements in pay lines, jackpots operate differently than they did in physical machines. The statistic behind it is exponential. It is not essential to bet on every pay line. The jackpot is calculated based on the bet and the selection of pay lines.
  • RNG– The amount of operations RNG performs per second is testimony to its complexity. In watered-down words, RNG is a number generator for every spin result. But that does not make it easy to hack the game. The algorithm takes care to make every transaction unique.
  • Pay-out percentage– This is where the machine intimates the player of its odds. The pay-out percentage is a figure that accounts for the return a player will benefit from on a machine. This is unique to every slot machine and is over a few thousand plays.

Charting the course of the newest form of slots

Although not a dominion of any sort, a superslot is a term online casinos use to market their slot machines. It is more like an inventory of the most sought-after games.

But what does it mean for a player? Has this ushered a change within the operations of online casinos? Their intentions of attracting prospective customers are still the same. The route they are taking to achieve this is interesting. It seems that all their effort is focused on servicing the customers to their satisfaction, but not enough. It is a great balance of hospitality and scheming that keeps the customers coming back.